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E-lomake 3 is browser based application which can be used to define and publish diverse e-forms and to handle their responses. The collected information can be transferred into spreadsheet or statistics software, such as Excel or SPSS. The data can also be browsed in several different ways within the application and accessed directly using database views. Views can be defined and published from UI.

Application can be used for surveys, handling enrolment for events and courses, handling electronic recruiting and implementing various electronic processes in a flexible, secure and easy way. The number of respondents and replies per form is not restricted in any way and the software supports great amounts of replies, scaling easily up to millions of replies.

It is also a platform for e-services, because it includes a workflow feature that allows you to circulate the data from the forms from one handler to another within an organization and from one stage of the handling process to the next.

E-lomake version 3 is the fourth generation of the product and our customers have used it in demanding tasks since 1997.

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